Yesterday was my event at Picaresque books in Dingwall, an independent bookshop run by the very enthusiastic David Duguid. He’s passionate about local books and had publicised things widely in the area:


Sadly, in the end it was a cold and miserable day, and there were only a few hardy souls who ventured out into the freezing wind and rain. But it was a great event in the end – there were some interesting questions, I met some kindly folk who were good enough to say they’d really enjoyed the book, and had enough people asking me when book two was coming out to spur me on to greater efforts when I got home!

It’s funny, I always said I would never be able to put myself out there and talk in front of an audience – but somehow when I have Lukas Mahler and the team to talk about, it’s really not that terrifying. Because it’s not about me, I’m actually starting to enjoy it. And of course, a wise friend pointed out, I’m the undisputed expert on ‘Shadow Man’!

Oh, and there were four of these left over too 😉

File 11-11-2017, 20 16 30.jpeg