First of all, the good news – Shadow Man is advancing towards final edits! It’s complicated by a trip I’m taking to the US next week to visit family, but I’ve got time on planes and trains I can make use of so fingers crossed, my deadline of 10th April is still looking achievable.

But God, keeping cheerful this week has been hard. The big red button has been pressed and Article 50 has been triggered, setting Brexit in motion. For those of us who’ve grown up with the EU, who’d started to think of ourselves as European, this is a horrible, retrograde step – and for those Europeans who’ve made their home here, the knowledge that Westminster viewing them as little more than bargaining chips must be hugely unsettling.

I admit it, I’m a huge Europhile. I studied three modern European languages at school and uni, I’ve lived in Germany (and loved it!) and my daughter is half-German. The thought that the UK is moving to sever ties with our closest neighbours and embrace a ‘Little England’ world view that’s fifty years out of date is beyond depressing.

On the other hand … Scotland, despite what Theresa May thinks, just might have a plan:

The National

It ain’t over till it’s over, folks 😉