Well, sort of. Last week I was in London, meeting my editor at Orion (which still sounds completely crazy to me, by the way, the thought that I could have an editor for a book which is going to be published). And not just my editor – I’m still getting my head around the idea that there’s a whole team of people who’re going to be working on getting the book out there.

Until then, I hadn’t realised it’s such a long process – there are various kinds of edits for the book to go through, sales and marketing stuff – even audio versions to be thought about! But I was completely stunned when someone casually announced, ‘Oh yes, it’s on Amazon now, of course!’

As soon as I got within wi-fi range, of course I had a quick peek – and here it is:


Scary, huh? This means that the book is an actual thing – on 2nd November, those kind people who decide to order it will either get a trade paperback (which, I have recently discovered, is a bigger, posher version of a normal paperback) or a kindle version delivered to them.
This is such a strange feeling. I always said I’d be in seventh heaven if I ever got published, but it still feels so unreal I feel I should be writing personal thank-you notes to everyone who buys the book!

Anyway, that’s where we are at the moment. I’m a complete novice at all of this so basically all I can do is pass on information on what’s happening once I know it. Hope you enjoy the journey with me!