So this should be a post about tomorrow’s Crime Panel finale at Ness Book Fest, where in company with local authors Helen Forbes and Shona MacLean I will be attempting to talk about women and crime fiction, Highland Noir (do you like that? I’ve just made it up!) and anything else that takes our fancy.

It shouldn’t be a political post, because this site is about writing, and while my views are by no means secret, I usually try not to beat people over the head with them.  But just as my novel, ‘Shadow Man’, can’t help but make reference to the 2014 Scottish Referendum, it would feel as though I lived in some weird bookish bubble if this blog didn’t refer at all to the news from America. It may be their earthquake, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the world is feeling the aftershocks right now.

I’d spoken to my brother, who’s based in California, the previous weekend.  And although he’d explained in great detail how the electoral college system would work to make it incredibly unlikely that Trump would get anywhere near the 270 votes needed, he’d only experienced the Brexit trauma long-distance. And I just couldn’t echo his confidence.  As we now know, there was a bloody good reason for that…

So right now, we’re at the wait and see stage.  Wait and see how much of what Trump said on the campaign trail, he actually meant.  Wait and see whether the need to behave more or less honourably once he’s actually in the seat of power has any kind of ameliorating effect on him.  Wait and see.  And hope whatever comes, we can deal with.

And as a final sadness, Leonard Cohen died –  as he’d lived, I suspect, with dignity and grace.  I’m kind of hoping he had the comfort of not knowing the US result before he went.