Crumbs, I’ve done it now – I blame my friend Helen, of course, and possibly the post-dinner G&T, but I’m dipping my toe into the world of writerly events, and am now booked to appear at Ness Book Fest in November, where I’ll be discussing crime-writing in the company of fellow Inverness crimewriter (and aforementioned friend) Helen Forbes, author of the impeccably plotted ‘In the Shadow of the Hill’, and Shona MacLean, whose novels set in 17th century Scotland blend a historian’s knowledge with the crimewriter’s eye for a great twist.

It’ll be my first time being an actual participant at one of these events and not just an audience member – already having mild panic attacks in anticipation! – but I’m determined to step up to the plate and contribute to what I’m sure will be an interesting discussion.

The festival takes place on 11th and 12th November at various venues in Inverness and more speakers are being added all the time, so please do keep checking for up to date announcements.

Hope to see you there!