A very weird week indeed!  Not only does my mugshot appear in Good Housekeeping, along with an extract of ‘Shadow Man’, but our local paper carries the story too (interesting mix-up of husbands past and present, but we won’t go into that…)

And it just feels so incredibly strange, as though it’s happening to someone else – a bit like how it felt when I heard I’d won the Good Housekeeping novel competition.  I’d had the odd daydream moment about it, of course, along the lines of, ‘wouldn’t it be amazing if…,’ but when it actually happened, nothing felt the way I’d imagined it would.  My face stayed like this for the entire day (which made for some really interesting photographs…)

Anyway, here are the articles if anyone’s interested:

File 03-08-2016, 16 16 35File 03-08-2016, 16 17 03